Thursday, July 9, 2015

Caleb. {twelve months}

  Last monthly photo update! You won't see any tears from me about that. And better late than never, right? Man, have these things become exhausting!

  Caleb is SO fun right now. {And large! Did you see how big he's gotten??} Around 11.5 months, he mastered crawling and has just taken off since then. Crawling everywhere, cruising, pulling up on anything, and walking with his walker. He slammed all those skills into a few short weeks and life at our house has changed drastically! He plays games with us, loves his cars and trucks, and gets so excited about his favorite books these days. So much of a little boy!

  We go to the waterpark a least once a week and Caleb loves it. He crawls around in the water until his face goes under, loves to splash, and watch all the other toddlers. We had a play date yesterday with his friend Owen, and by the end of it Caleb had learned how to climb up onto his Anywhere Chair! So crazy to see him growing like a little weed.

  Another sign of being a little boy? Having real opinions and mini tantrums when told no- a word he hears a lot of these days. So we're working on teaching him yes, too!
New this month:: crawling, cruising, walking with walker, starting to say Mama, learning to climb, down to one bottle of whole milk and two naps each day, 1st birthday party

Ps. See his how he's grown over the last 12 months or just pop back to see how tiny he was at only one month old

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