Monday, July 6, 2015

17 weeks. {round two}

{17 weeks with Caleb} 

  I'll spare you the "this pregnancy is FLYING by" rambling (but I guess I said it anyway?) this week. Instead, let's just talk about how excited I'm becoming. The shock of getting pregnant again so quickly and the idea of having 2 under two is fading {with more freaking out over the latter to come, I'm certain} and they're being replaced by genuine excitement. I feel so much better now that I'm well into my second trimester and I'm used to Caleb's newfound mobility. We've settled into our summer routines and that has freed up lots of mental space for me to dream about this new little life.
  While I spend lots of time dreaming of holding this sweet one, watching Caleb with him or her, and seeing how our family changes in the best ways- I'm mostly excited for right now. I'll be feeling kicks any time and finding out the gender in less than 3 weeks {!!!} and I love this time. Maybe it's my experience walking with friends through infant loss or my own experience with miscarriage or my little store of wisdom as a mom of an infant- but I believe more and more that each little moment needs to be celebrated. Even the ones that happen before the baby is born.
  Another notable thing? I'm suuuuuuper sappy right now. Did you catch on to that already? Oh, ok. I catch myself looking at Caleb and tearing up because he's just so fun right now and I can't wait to see him adapt to having a sibling. I teared up at the fireworks over the weekend dreaming up holding our two little babes next year. I tear up when I catch a glimpse of my massive belly in the mirror throughout the day, because right now there is a precious life growing in there.
  Gah. So don't ask me to watch the Notebook with you right now, mkay?

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