Tuesday, June 30, 2015

16 weeks. {round two}

  Real talk? I held off from writing this post until after my doctor appointment yesterday. One of my closest friends just recently lost her sweet boy at 16 weeks and another just miscarried at 12. My heart breaks for them. The older I get, I know it's only natural that I'll experience more friends and family struggling with infant loss, I know that. But it has been so rampant in the last year and has made me just not take for granted that I will hear my baby's heartbeat at each appointment. I don't mean that to sound pessimistic at all. It's just hard not to be impacted, you know? So I'm cherishing each day with this little one. And honestly, holding my breath each time they break out the doppler and not letting it out until I hear that sweet sound. 
  You'd think my ever growing belly would be evidence enough for me that this babe is growing away, though! I mean. It is crazy to me. I haven't gained any weight {how is that even possible?}, but you would not know that by my expanding waistline. Thank goodness for handmedown summer maternity clothes from my sisters! I'm sure I'll break down and buy one more pair of shorts and a few dresses I can wear into winter, but other than that I'm set.
  And did you see? Murphy was so into my bump photos today! Probably because if he had to choose, this baby would be his favorite. It's tucked away where it can't pull his hair or sit on him or pile toys around his face. The very things Caleb loves to do right now...
  But 16 weeks! If you've talked to me in the last few weeks, you've surely heard me go on and on about how excited I am to find out the gender. Probably more excited than I was with Caleb. There's a really good chance this is our last baby {I know. Let's not talk about it...} and I am so so curious about who is going to round out our family. Finding out with Caleb gave us a chance to get to know the baby better and feel more attached, so we've decided we're just the sort of people who aren't interested in the delivery room surprise. I mean, the excitement of having a baby is enough for us! Gah. 3.5 weeks. I cannot wait! 
  Oh, just so I don't forget, here are all the boring pregnancy details. I'm feeling 100% better! My energy is back in full force and we're taking our long walks every morning again. I'm going to start easing back into running and I am so so excited about that! I have already broken out my beloved Snoogle pillow because this big belly has made back sleeping pretty painful. Ugh. Side sleeping is my least favorite part of pregnancy. Which, I guess means I have pretty easy pregnancies and should shut up before someone slaps me...

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