Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What I love about my house.

 Have you read this book or this book? I've read each of them over the past couple of months {this one is my favorite!} and they've both given me a new perspective on my house. I loved them both so much, I'm adding them to my birthday list. Lots of thoughts about being content, using what I have in front of me, and making this place into a home I love
  Honestly though? There's a lot not to love about our house. It's small, cramped really. And feeling more and more cramped all the time {ahem baby number two ahem}. It's builder-grade in every sense of the phrase. It's located in a very transitional neighborhood. We have tiny closets. And hardly any space to host guests, which will turn into no space to host guests when the baby comes.
  Of course, I wasn't blind to any of those things when we bought our house 3.5 years ago. But that's ok! It's just our starter home! We'll upgrade all of those things in 5ish years! That's what we told ourselves. And it's true, we will move one day, probably sooner rather than later. But instead of waiting for that day, I've decided to spend more time thinking about what there is to love about our house instead of the things I wish I could change.
  And when I start to list them, I realize there are a ton of things I do love about our house. So, that's where I'm starting. With the things I do love about my house. And an impromptu mini-series was born! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for little bits of what I love about our home. 
  And I have a feeling this little mini-series is going to motivate me to paint a room or two and plan some small home projects. Maybe I'll even be able  to convince Justin to help me paint our kitchen cabinets?? A girl can dream!

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