Friday, June 5, 2015

Things. {a weekly round-up}

  The past few weeks have been filled to the brim and a bit crazy around here. Our house has become cluttered and I don't remember the last time I cooked a real supper that we all sat down to eat together.  I got slammed with an awful case of food poisoning/24 stomach bug/whatever last weekend, and it seems to have taken this entire week to bounce back. But! Summer is creeping in and I have a suspicion its bringing some normalcy, routine, and quiet back to our house. The three of us (or should I say 5? The dogs are craving normalcy, too!) are so ready for summer. For family walks in the evenings, real food on the table, and all the other great things this season is sure to bring.
  I'm itching to get back to regular posting in this little space and I think I've finally found a balance of being on social media all day {for work} and still carving out time to blog for me. And summer always seems to make me want to break my real camera out, so stay tuned for lots of garden, kitchen, TODDLER (!!!), and other life photos around here. 
  But until then, here are some things that are catching my eye around the interwebs::

  I love thinking about life in seasons. Lara Casey's take on creating a Fruitful Summer is so so good- digging in and growing real friendships this summer is definitely on my to-do list.

  This is our first summer with a toddler (not cooped up with a newborn, like last year!), and I really want to enjoy it. Life is moving full speed ahead, so I want to capture this very phase we're in. Summer bucket list, anyone?

  Children with special healthcare needs will always hold a special place in my heart. After my fellowship at a children's hospital and focus on health policy in grad school, it's something I'm passionate about. Beth's story about her son, Zephan, is a tearjerker for sure. Considering supporting her little guy in prayer? 

  Know what my favorite part of summer so far is? Seeing Caleb is his adorable diapers 24/7 because a) its hot and b) he is MESSY and we're always stripping layers for some reason. I am obsessed with these boombox and bowtie dipes! Bonus: I've yet to pay for a full bundle yet! Hooray for coupons!

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Allison said...

Oh my gosh Katie, that picture is just adorable and screams SUMMER! Yay! And I'm all about babies in diapers for the summer!