Monday, June 22, 2015

15 weeks. {round two}

{15 weeks with Caleb}

  And just like that, we're at 15 weeks. I will probably say this every single week, but time is absolutely flying. I never forget about this sweet baby on the way, but I find myself forgetting I'm pregnant most days. With the nausea mostly behind me and my energy back. I feel like myself again. We're busy and the days are full. Caleb is on the go, so I hardly sit down until he goes to bed at night. I imagine that is the main reason I feel like this pregnancy is zooming past us.
  Justin and I decided that when we check into Labor & Delivery is the point that it will actually sink in that we're growing by 1 and will have a brand new little person to know and love. It just hasn't hit us yet. My growing belly is a good reminder though! I am probably as big right now as I was around 22 weeks with Caleb. If I don't wear maternity clothes, it's hard to notice. But I'm living in borrowed maternity shorts and they make it pretty clear that I'm expecting.
  I still love being pregnant, just like last time. I'm so looking forward to getting back into real exercise this week now that my energy is back. And eating! My appetite is coming back, even though I'm not having any real craving (I didn't last time either). 
  Also worth mentioning? Murphy is 100% indifferent about this pregnancy. I think the baby charm has worn off for him {he is pretty annoyed with Caleb these days}. But Jersey on the other hand! She follows me everywhere, loves Caleb and let's him bug her, and clearly photobombed these photos. 

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