Friday, June 19, 2015

Back in the swing.

  I don't want to jinx it, but it seems I'm back into the blogging swing! I talked about my little guy's first birthday, checked in with my goal of reading through the Bible this year, and wrote my first letter to Baby Number Two this week. 
  Justin and I are both feeling exhausted after a really busy past few days and we plan on vegging our hearts out tonight. Maybe we'll get really wild and pop some popcorn and pick out a movie. Any suggestions? It's been forever since we've gotten a Redbox or visited the theater. Which reminds me that we have to find a sitter. We're in serious need of a real date night!
  In case you want to unwind with weekend with some internet reads, here's what I'm loving this week!

FREE things. Did I get your attention there? I'm wrapping up Caleb's Project Life book and need to print my last round of photos, so I'm extra excited for Shutterfly's 100 free prints! Bonus? For the next few days you can always snag a free notepad- just pay shipping for all your free goodies.  

With all the sad and terrible things in the news this day, I can't get enough of this story. Little boy heroes! 

I've sort of forgotten about Pinterest until I started using it for work lately. Maybe, just maybe, I'll start using it more. This board is my favorite right now. So much fun summer inspiration!

I was so so sad to learn this week that one of my all time favorite handmade baby shops is closing. I love Alex&Ally bibs and tell anyone and everyone who will listen how great they are. To prepare their shop to shut down, they are having a huge sale! I only wish I knew if baby number two was a boy or girl so I could stock up on more fun goodies! 3 hairbows for $3???? Steal. 

Want to hear a secret? I really want to sell Noonday. Which is weird and out of character for me since I'm not terribly stylish and don't really get the hype of these sorts of home-selling businesses. But I love Noonday Collection. Gorgeous pieces made by artisans around the world, sales that creative dignified jobs and save orphans. Maybe one day! Until then, I'm really  considering having another trunk show. It's been a few years since my last one and there are so many new pieces I want to share with my friends! 

I'm in the mood for a good new show to watch since everything is on break for the summer and my usual summer go-to SYTYCD sort of stinks this year {anyone else hate that Mary is gone and that they're using the weird street vs stage format? Blah.} I'm thinking of giving this one a try! 

Happy Friday, friends! :) 


Interprintations said...

If you are ever up for a date night on this side of town, you are always welcome to drop him off here for a couple of hours! We would love to hang out with that sweet little man of yours. The boys would have a blast. =)

Big Brother starts soon - it's always my favorite summer show! Also, "Flipping Out" on Bravo! =)

Unknown said...

SYTYCD!!! I'm also bummed about this year. I would much rather have Mary than Paula, and I'm also bummed about Jason because I don't feel like he knows technique. I wish Christina Applegate was with permanent 3rd judge! I don't like the set up this year either because in the past they usually have 3-4 street dancers, so 10 is a huge change and we will miss out on so many stage dance styles.
I'm almost finished with Gilmore Girls which I love and would suggest if you haven't seen it.

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

I recently watched The Theory of Everything & really enjoyed it. Next on our list is American Sniper :) Happy weekend to you & your family -- I hope it's a relaxing one!