Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baby favorites. {on the go}

Are you still sticking with my baby favorites series? It's actually been so fun for me to look back on my go-to goods and have a list written down so I can remember for future babies! Today, let's talk about on the go must-haves. But first, let me say that I'm painfully basic {if you haven't noticed already!} and that is evident in my diaper bag and travel essentials for Caleb. Everyone says you need SO MUCH CRAP to travel with a baby, but I disagree. Honestly, I barely used the contents of my diaper bag before these past couple of months- and now I only do because Caleb is more little boy than baby and needs more entertaining! We've never had a blowout away from home, so that extra outfit in his bag has gone unworn. And after flying with him and taking lots of roadtrips/staying in hotels and with friends, I can honestly say my husband packs more than my baby! There are so many things you just don't need and I really stick with the essentials {clothes, diapers, food}. So, here is my list of on the go favorites; both for day-to-day and for overnight travel!

diaper bag // Before Caleb, I never used a purse. I usually just carried my wallet and keys whereever I went. So it isn't too much of a surprise that I hardly use the contents of his diaper bag- we just don't need much when we're on the go! Because of that, I didn't put too much thought into what diaper bag to buy. This one was affordable, didn't scream BABY, and has worked out great for us!

stroller // Honestly, I didn't do much stroller research. I hear awesome things about the pricey BOBs, but have you seen a mom try to navigate those ginormous tires through the cramped aisles at Target? No thanks. They're probably great for actually running, but not for day-to-day use. My friend Emily showed me her stroller, raved about it, shared the research on safety she had done, and let me test drive it. And I was sold! 10 months later, and I absolutely love our stroller ! The 3-wheel design makes steering with one hand a breeze while holding the dog leashes in the other. My favorite part? I can honestly open and close it with one hand. We got the the travel system {with carseat/base} and have loved those, too!

carriers// I know some people are super into wearing their babies. I was sort of indifferent about it? We have two carries and have used both a decent amount, but not tons. I really didn't want to have to wrangle 10 yards of fabric, so my JJ Cole Agility Wrap Carrier was perfect for newborn days. When we were out and about, it was so easy to snuggle Caleb in there if he was ready to be out of his carseat and it took zero effort on my part to get it on! Justin has loved our BABYBJORN and it was a tailgate/family walk staple in the fall. We've pretty much retired both now, but will definitely break them out with any future babies!

tote bag // For Caleb's Christmas present, we bought him this tote with his name on it. And we're going to make it a family tradition! It is super durable, large, and perfect for travel. Each trip we've taken, it has been perfect for ALL of his stuff {clothes, diapers, toiletries, food, EVERYTHING} because it is so roomy, but really easy to carry and travel with. Love this bag!

travel crib// Ok, here's where I'll be honest. We registered for and were generously gifted one of the popular Pack'n'Plays. And? It's just ok. If I could do it over, I would have registered for either a BABYBJORN travel crib or a 4Moms Breeze. Both are WAY pricier, but so much more practical for traveling. They are lighter, set up easier, and can grow with your child longer. This is one of those things that I think is worth splurging on.

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