Thursday, April 30, 2015

Caleb. {ten months}.

   At ten months, Caleb is still obsessed with eating, loves playing in his crib before bed, and nothing comforts him like his monkey. After learning to roll last month, we're tempted to say we see crawling in our near future. But Caleb is pretty lazy still, so we're not holding our breath! He does love to entertain himself for a good 20-30 minutes before bedtime and naps; rolling all over, getting up on his knees, and giggling to himself. It's pretty entertaining to watch on the monitor!
  We've almost completely ditched the purees since Caleb much prefers to feed himself. He's eating all sort of fruits {plums, apples, pears, BANANAS- his fav}, veggies, and meats. It's so nice to feed him what we're eating and he loves to feed himself. He is obsessed with bananas and they are by far his favorite food. He can feed himself and entire one in about 2 minutes! It's pretty hilarious to watch.
  Monkey is still holding on strong! He loves to hold onto his little leg and suck his thumb, like in the photo above, and it is adorable. To help him hopefully diversify his attachment {heaven forbid we lose monkey}, we started adding more things to his crib this month. He sleeps with a blanket now {hit or miss with keeping it on}, and a few stuffed animals. 
  We got a new couch this month that has a storage ottoman where we keep most of Caleb's toys. His favorite thing to do is pull up on it and dig around. He could do that for an hour! He's so sturdy and loves to shake his little booty and use his belly to balance while standing. Sometimes he reaches so far into the box for a toy that his feet come off the ground and he falls into it!
  And last but not least; bath time. Caleb has always loved taking baths, but we're noticing that he especially loves to float on his back in the water and kick from one end to the other. He's so comfortable in the water and thinks its funny to splash like crazy! We have a million bath videos that are all pretty much the same and equally adorable. 
  So here we are. Only two months from having a little {non-mobile} toddler! Time keeps flying and we're having so much fun discovering his serious little personality. 

New this month:: pulling up, standing for long periods, laughing more easily, rolling and playing on tummy

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