Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring cleaning. {a weekly round-up}


  It's Fri-YAY! That's quite possibly my new favorite cheesy word. After such a beautiful week and a slow weekend ahead, today already feels awesome. Did you know there are only 7 days until Spring? And Whole Foods officially has their daffodil bunches in stock! We're on a tight budget these days, but I'm still making of list of people I can pick up a bunch for- who doesn't love fresh, yellow blooms in March?? 
  I've been busy this week with naptime sewing and walks outside and hitting up this amazing kids sale. Next on my list is spring cleaning- so it's no surprise all my favorites from the internets this week are about decluttering or getting ready for warmer weather. 

  Do you live under a rock? Ok, good. Then you love the Dollar Spot as much as I do. I do wish everything was actually a dollar, because somehow $3 feels a bit reckless? I'm rational, I know. But have you seen the fun stuff in that little piece of heaven on earth lately?? 

Ever since my phone detox last month, I've been working on ways to cut down my screentime. After reading this, I decided to take my text notifications off my phone. I have to actually open my texts to check for new ones, and I find that means I'm not sending little messages to friends nearly as often. And it's so freeing. So if you text me and I take a day to respond, you know why! 

  I am itching to have my garden planted and growing already. We've made this fresh dish a staple on our weekly menu lately and I can't wait to start using my own basil and 'maters. I am having a serious love affair with basil right now. 

"Houses are for hosting." Amen, sister. Need a little house inspiration? Those beams. Those white walls. I'm moving in next week, mmkay Jami??? Also, that motto- I'm stealing it. 

Real talk? I've never cleaned our windows in the 3.5 years we've lived in our house. How often are people supposed to do that kind of stuff? At least every 3 years, because they look SO BAD right now. So that's on my list for Spring cleaning. I found lots of good tips {in the comments!} on this post and am feeling a little less daunted by the whole thing. What very embarrassingly overdue spot in your house are you cleaning this month?

After purging 80% of my closet last Fall, I'm thinking it's time for another cleanse. Have you heard of the Capsule Wardrobe {google it- every blogger and their mom talks about it}? I'm loosely doing that and should probably add a few Spring/Summer pieces. I stumbled on BP brand at Norstrom and kind of love it. Like this top. I mean, perfect right? 

Turns out boys are way less fun to accessorize than girls. BUT I'm having tons of fun right now with Caleb's new boombox diapers. I mean, c'mon. HE HAS BOOMBOXES ON HIS BUM. It's freaking adorable. And Honest is having another sweet sale right now -35% Off on Your First Bundle Order at Honest {with code MARBUNDLES35OFF} until March 15th! 

And lastly, I know I said I'm working on my screentime. But Justin discovered this IG account this week and it is pretty hilarious. I haven't looked into it much, but this and this are totally worth 30 seconds of your time today. You're welcome. 

Happy weekending! 

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Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love the boombox diapers!

Truth: I have cleaned all of my windows once, including cleaning all of the screens. Use newspaper instead of paper towels. It leaves no streaks.