Monday, March 30, 2015

In case you're interested. {baby favorites}

  A lot of my favorite things I have because someone told me about them. Word of mouth goes a long way for me, and you can tell. Our realtor was recommended to us {and we've referred her to other friends now}, I found my living room curtains on one of my favorite blogs, my camera is a total copycat of photographers/friends I love, and most of my favorite music was shared with me by others. 
  There are lots of people I look up to, whether it be for design or cooking or whatever kind of inspiration. And you know when you see someone who you can just relate to? The kind of people that you see yourself doing things similar to? My friend's Kate and Carmen are both easy going and personable, so when they both recommended the same pediatrician, I decided to chose her for Caleb. We had lots of other friends recommend doctors, but I just felt like I related to them the most, so I went with their recommendation. With so many different personalities and ways of approaching things, it's always encouraging for me to see people who I can kind of relate to and hear how they do things. And, in the most flattering way, copy it. 
  So, in case you're like me and love hearing how others do things and are curious about how I go about things {namely: parenting a baby}...I'm doing a little mini series! I loved seeing all the baby must-have lists floating around and sifting through them to see what I thought might relate to how I approach parenthood. I 100% embrace Amy Poehler's 'good for you, not for me' attitude, and won't be offended if you read through this series and think that very thing! 
  Before the series starts, I should preface with this: Without meaning to, I've become a sort of minimalist parent. We don't have tons of extra stuff hanging out and we kept our registry basic and bare. This surprised me a little, though it shouldn't. I'm kind of a simple person anyway- I don't have tons of clothes or accessories, so by default, Caleb doesn't either. Just enough and what he needs. But what he does have, we love and use the heck out of! 
  Come back tomorrow {and the next 4 Tuesdays} for some of my most favorite baby things- from nursing and sleeping to traveling and day-to-day. There may just be a little giveaway at the end of it all! 

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