Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The mundane.

  Did you see my post from yesterday? I shared this from Sarah. The last few weeks, I've been itching to do a massive spring cleaning. To take two entire days and just do some deep cleaning. But there's the baby and life things and you know, I can't just take two entire days and do that right now. But. BUT! I have slowly started some of those not so fun tasks that make our house feel just a little bit lighter. I deep cleaned our couches {you guys. The things lost in my couches are amazing}. I dusted some baseboards. I purged my closet {capsule wardrobe, anyone??}. Slowly but surely, this house is being deep cleaned.
  And it's so mundane. No big, fun projects like this one {although I do want to recreate that in our master bath}. It's funny though. These little tasks that I dread so much and put off for too long are making me love my home more than those bigger wow projects do.
  Next on my list: tackle the junk drawer. Dun dun dun. What spring cleaning tips do you have for me?

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