Monday, February 9, 2015

Sugar. {a weekly round-up}

A completely unnecessary and unrelated photo from the beach. Because I am seriously hankering for a vacation and the beach right now. 
 Phew. This past weekend was a really busy one and I woke up this morning feeling the need to make today a reset day. That is one of the biggest changes about being a stay at home mom, weekends aren't really for regrouping anymore. So that's where Mondays come in. Goodness, I have come to love my Mondays. 
  I'm still working on sifting through and paring down my blog subscriptions to only my absolute favorites, so I've had lots of blog reading to catch up on. While doing so, I found a few posts I loved and thought I'd pass on! Since I can't {and don't want to} read all the blog all the time, I really love these little round-up type posts. Someone else does the work for me! So, here you go. This week's theme is {loosely} sugar. Yup, sugar. Three short and simple blog posts I'm loving right now- and I've done all the work for you!

//Cake batter chocolate chip cookies. I am absolutely always on the hunt for good recipes and am really picky when it comes to cookies. I don't like dry, crispy ones. I'm more of a rich, doughy cookie person. And these are AMAZING. 

//My hospitality requires sugar. Ashley is one of my favorite bloggers and and this post is one of the reasons why. She talks about how, despite all of extreme trends, she still finds herself as just an even person. Amen, sister! Sugar will always be integral to my hospitality, too. 

//The Mundane. Ok, ok. No sugar in this post. BUT I've unofficially been working to tackle the mundane tasks around our house, like dusting baseboards and cleaning kitchen cabinets, and Sarah's post gave me the little extra push I needed to keep with it. 

Happy Monday! What things around the internet are you loving this week? Do share! 

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Sarah Voorhees said...

I love Ashley's blog too! I started reading it because of you and I will be forever grateful :) I'm also trying to pair down how many blogs I read, but it can be hard!