Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Favorites. {baby edition}


  A little while after Caleb was born, I shared my list of essentials. It was pretty atypical, and didn't actually include any baby products. I still get asked often what some of my favorites are, so I decided to start a little series to share the different things I've found helpful in Caleb's first 8 months. When I was pregnant, I loved talking to other women that I sort of aligned with and hearing what worked {and what didn't work} for them.
 I've unintentionally taken a more minimalist approach to parenting, so the things I love and use are things I truly love and use a ton. I'll probably break it down into a few different parts; bath, play, mealtime, out and about. Everyone has totally different {and polarizing} opinions on things like sleeping and breastfeeding, but maybe I'll touch on how we approached both of those? Then again, I might spare myself some internet wrath/judgement/momwars and avoid those altogether... What else would you want to see/hear about? 

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