Friday, February 27, 2015


    It's Friday. Amen? I have really lofty plans to hand the baby off to Justin tomorrow, head upstairs, and treat myself to a day of ProjectLife or sewing. Or, if I get crazy, both! I may even go out and get myself a frozen coke. Live life on the wild side, I say. In the meantime, here are my favorites from the interwebs this week.

Friends, all day everyday. Why do people pay for cable anymore these days now that Netflix has upped their streaming game??

The dress. I see blue and black and think the white/gold people are liars. 

WHY ARE BABY BOYS SO HARD TO SHOP FOR??? I'm so annoyed this week as I've searched high and low for a cute ring bear outfit for Caleb. Etsy, you're failing me. I put in TWO orders only to have them cancelled by sellers not updating their inventory. 

I'm totally 10 years late to this party, but who doesn't love getting a rundown of current events in their inbox everyday? 

Real life people who do real life home improvement projects are basically my heroes. Julie's kicking ass on her house projects and making me want to finally tackle things I've been putting off for too long! 

John Travolta, where did your suave Grease days go? 

Have you been scrambling your eggs wrong your entire life?

And this is why I never blowdry my hair. {also, I'm lazy}. 

Happy weekending! Do something fun! And celebrate the end of the longest {but actually shortest?} month of the year- March/Spring is on the horizon!

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