Thursday, February 26, 2015

I don't want to forget. {v. II}


  At 8 months {36 weeks} old, there are some many special things about Caleb I want to remember. They'll pass too fast, like every phase we've already gone though. Writing it all down helps me to capture the little things that make up our life right now. 

I don't want to forget... much you need me right now. You've always been so content to play by yourself or passed around, but at this exact moment there is no better place than my lap or arms. The moment you're head hits my chest, I can see the relief on little face.

...the littlest moans you let out with each bite of food. As if it's the absolute best bite you've ever tasted. And always followed by a squawk or fake cry of impatience for another spoonful. You get your passion for food from the Rush side of the family, that's for sure. 

...the big gummy grins. Your dad tells me at least once a day that seeing you smile is the best thing in the world, and I have to agree. It covers your entire face and usually comes with a little squeal and clasp of your hands. 

...your love of monkey. We've stopped swaddling you at night and discovered that you love, love, love cuddling with your little monkey. We like to turn on the monitor at night and in the morning to see you snuggling with him- he's never out of your reach, no matter how fast asleep you are.

...the way you can't contain yourself when I smother you with kisses. You think it's so funny and our little game. I hope you're always so cool about kisses from your mom.

...seeing you with your cousins. They are your favorite form of entertainment and the only ones who don't have to work to make you belly laugh. I don't blame you though, toddlers are pretty hilarious. serious you are. If there's been one consistent thing since you were born, it's that. You are definitely a happy baby, but when we're in new places or around new people you make us work extra hard for smiles. You are so focused on observing and just taking in everything around you. 

...singing You Are My Sunshine to you before almost every nap time. You stare straight into my eyes, and usually reach your hand up to my face until the song is over. Maybe you're trying to tell me I'm a terrible singing and to stop already? 

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Chelsea E. said...

Love this! Molly is so serious in new situations too! We got a new nurse lady at play group and she was like "Hi Molly" and Molly just stared her down and looked at me a bunch like "umm, mom, who is this lady?" Stranger Danger at its finest!