Friday, January 9, 2015

Thursday with Caleb. {11}

  Do you see that sweet face? That's the face of a baby with a cold. We've spent this week taking long naps {Caleb}, drinking all the tea {me}, and reading all the books we can find {both of us}. A cold is just a cold and will pass soon enough and every kid is bound to get one eventually. So we're taking advantage of these snow days and runny noses and staying in our pjs all day, all week. And despite that face I caught on camera, Caleb has been a champ. If his belly laughs yesterday are any indicator of how he feels- I'd say he's mostly unfazed. We're all feeling thankful he's still sleeping great and eating well and the only real symptoms he has are a runny nose and sweet cough. Since I'm pretty sure I passed my cold onto him {it was inevitable}, we're crossing our fingers and hoping those same germs don't get passed to Justin!

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Unknown said...

Oh he's so cute in that little pouty face!