Monday, January 12, 2015

On social media and Bible engagement.

  Have you met Jami from the Nato's? Yeah, me neither. But I creepishly feel like I know her, because I read her blog and follow her on IG. Do you read her blog? It's pretty wonderful. Not just in a gorgeous house, delicious recipes, beautiful family- type of way {but those things, too!}, but even more in a down-to-earth, honest way. She says all the things everyone else is thinking but doesn't always have the balls to say out loud. Love her. 
  Anywaysssss. Her latest blog post is one of those that had me shaking my head and thinking about it all weekend. I won't summarize it, because you should read it for yourself. I can't stop thinking about how I withhold my flame. Especially here on social media. Am I stingy with my likes and comments and engagement in a way that is stopping community or perpetuating negativity within me? Am I more of a voyeur instead of someone who encourages others and facilitates joy? We can all pretend we don't spend much time online {why are we embarrassed by that?}, but I'm writing this and you're reading this. So we clearly spend some time on the line {name that movie!}. And Jami has me reevaluating how I spend that time and if I'm intentional enough about being light-giving. 
  And because today is all about serious things {but I included a cute dog/baby photo! That balances it out!}, let's chat about the Bible. I talked a little about 2015 being a year I commit to reading my Bible more. I'm doing this plan and reading through the Bible this year. But I want to go deeper and have more direction. I missed church yesterday {contagious baby=no nursery}, so I listened to a chapel service from my alma mater. I happened to choose one about spiritual discipline and the significance of Bible engagement {1/7/15 podcast here}. Did you know that the single greatest predictor of spiritual growth is Bible engagement? It's been largely researched and shown that there isn't much relationship between being involved in church activities and growing spiritually. But people who spend time in the Bible 4 or more times a week are less likely to gossip, lie, cheat, overeat and overspend. Those same people are more likely to feel bitter, angry, lonely, or fearful. They're less likely to disciple others and and share their faith with others. {research article here} YOU GUYS. Does that blow your mind? Of all the spiritual disciplines, engaging in the Bible {not just reading it!} is the foundation for spiritual growth! So reading, memorizing, discussing it regularly with others- it all has a deep, deep impact on my relationship with Jesus. Ever since listening to that podcast, I've been reading up on scripture engagement. I want to go deeper in 2015, and I think I'm going to work on memorizing more scripture. I'm not sure what that looks like or how I'll go about it. A verse a week? A book every few months? But anyways, my goal of committing to dig deep spiritually this year is happening. And I'm excited! 
 What does your scripture engagement look like? Do you regularly memorize verses or different passages? And go read Jami's post


stacey said...

Ok...I am way behind. But I'm trying to catch up! First of all, I have listened to Serial. My SIL turned Ben and me on to it! Second, I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas in Florida--I'm jealous! Third, is Justin wearing his actual birthday suit in that picture you posted for his special day? All I see is bare arm, bare chest, and what I think is a bare leg :) Fourth, I love how you always take take time to slow down and really savor moments and memories and always do really thoughtful things like write letters and cards and actually take pictures! It's a lost art and I envy that about you! Fifth, Caleb is getting so big!!! And he's adorable as ever. Hoping to see you Thursday... :) Love you!

Allison said...

We are so on the same page friend. I am doing the SheReadsTruth Bible in a year plan too and I am loving it. I'm really enjoying Genesis more than ever before. Wonderful post and oh so true!