Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter essentials.

cozy sweater {with elbow patches!} {similar}//sunny notecards//Anne of Green Gables {all three!}//a winter candle {similar}//a good tea//chapstick//a good book

  Oh heyyyy winter. With a few inches on the ground and schools cancelled a few days last week, it's probably about time I acknowledge that my least favorite season is here {but I'm coming to appreciate it more!}. I don't get super hung up on the temperature outside and don't really love talking about the weather {what's the point?}. But, I can't really ignore it either. So in an effort to embrace winter, I'm rounding up all my cold weather essentials. Cozy sweaters, books, chapstick, and handwritten letters. I'm finishing this for book club this week and on the hunt for next month's book- any suggestions? Also- DID YOU KNOW FRIENDS IS ON NETFLIX NOW? Yup. So that's going to taking up an afternoon {or 10} over the next few winter months. What can't you live without this time of year?  

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