Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coffee table diaries.

  We've been in our house for 3 years, but only just stopped using our $15 Goodwill coffee table as our entertainment center. Keeping it classy over here, folks. So anyways, we've been taking full advantage of having a coffee table again! {Read: a place to let junk build up} How did we go three whole years without such a necessary piece of furniture? A place to prop our feet up! To keep our drinks on! To stack up all the baby things {burp clothes, pacis, toys}. To build a stack of books! To hold our kleenexs! Who knew coffee tables were so dang useful?
  Anyways, I thought I'd start a {sort of?} series- coffee table diaries. I always love peeking into people's lives and homes. Maybe you're the same? So here's an unedited peek of my coffee table {though I did dust it over the weekend!}. The landing zone in our living room. It's pretty reflective of life right now. The last remnants of a winter cold, a camera on hand for capturing everyday moments {not pictured though, since I had to use it to snap these}, a bottle of water (with no coaster because, I'm lazy), my stack of go-to books {Bible, prayer journal, this month's book club pick}, Caleb's favorite accessory, our Apple Tv remote, and my most favorite candle. All on top of our vintage {cheap, budget friendly, and scuffed up} table. What's on your coffee table right now? Do you keep it edited and pretty all the time with one of those cute trays that holds all your stuff? Or do you let it stack up with real life stuff?  


Unknown said...

Oh our coffee table/dining room table/any table in our house is a catch all for ALL THE THINGS. It bothers me most days, but it's life...and it happens :)

Love the new entertainment center!

Emily Carnes said...

Oh love this!! We don't have a coffee table really, but do have an ottoman that doubles as extra storage. It always has remotes, books, and my laptop for sure!