Thursday, January 22, 2015

Caleb. {seven months}

  Busy and chunking up. That's what Caleb's seventh month of life was all about. He has become so busy these past few weeks, reaching and diving for everything he wants. He chatters non stop and makes a toy out of everything. Here's where I should mention that, while he seems like a busy baby to me, my perspective changes when we're around other babies his age. He is still such a quiet and calm baby comparatively- and I'm never reminded of that more than when we're with friends who kids are moving everywhere and squawking and banging and Caleb just gently holds a toy and chews on it while taking it all in. He's our quiet little observer! And on the chunking up front- you guys. This kid is beefing up! I blame that 100% on his love for all the foods. He still loves to eat and we've introduced different flavors and combinations this month. Some of his favorites are avocado&yogurt, blueberries, and pears. He had chicken for the first time last week and loved it too.
  He still seems to have zero interest in rolling onto his belly. I don't think he'll be rolling or crawling anytime soon. He can sit fully unsupported now, and he prefers that more than anything else. He splashes in the tub and bangs on toys and grabs the dogs' faces any chance he gets. He's also able to stand while holding onto his toy basket or the table for a few minutes at a time. My favorite thing about this stage right now is his interest in books. He loves to sit in my lap and hit the pages while I read. We have a touch and feel animal books that he could read over and over and over. Justin reads to him every night before bed, and I love to listen in.

New this month:: first Christmas, plan ride, and visit to the beach!, met Justin's grandma, growing out of 6mo pjs, laughed out loud while watching his cousin Mia, first cold/RSV

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