Tuesday, January 20, 2015

About blogging.


  Blogs are dying. Ok, ok. That's dramatic. But have you noticed the big shift away from real blogging and towards microblogging {a la Instagram}? Some of my favorites have all touched on this trend lately, and I'm glad to hear they aren't going anywhere {here, here, and here}. And I'm not either. Not because I think this blog is super valuable to anyone other than me, but because I've been doing this for far too long to just stop. If you know what Xanga is {was?} and can remember when it was [sort of?} popular, then you can understand how long I've been at this blogging thing. 
  I love blogging. It gives me a place to be, to write what I want and to document life. A place to process and share and exist. I love being inspired by how someone else views the world or decorates their living room or loves on others. I'll never think that sharing life with others, whether online or in person, is a bad thing.
  I still hate parts of this trend away from blogging. Less comments, less interacting, shorter/more surface-y content. I'm guilt of all of those! So in 2015, I'm going to:
//comment more
//pare down my reading list and read only my absolute favorites {Thanks for the tip, Emily!}
//interact with the blogs/bloggers I do read
//write intentionally

  I love seeing weekly round-up posts, where bloggers share their favorite posts from other writers. And since I really want to be intentional about paring down what blogs I ready daily, checking those round-ups will give me a chance to branch out while still keeping my actual reading list short and meaningful. Maybe you feel the same? Be on the look out for some weekly {ish?} round-ups around here! And in the meantime, I have some questions for you! Are you still reading blogs? Which ones are you favorite, must-reads? Who, on the internet, inspires you the most {for whatever reason!}? I'll be sharing some of my favorites later this week!


Emily Carnes said...

I have a very similar post scheduled for tomorrow!

I feel like I spend too much time scrolling through blogs I'm not in love with--so then I don't comment on the ones I do love. Like you, I'm making that a goal of mine!

Unknown said...

So agree with you! What a great reminder! Good luck on these resolutions, I may join you after baby main is born!