Friday, January 23, 2015



  It took me awhile to join the iPhone world, and mostly because I knew that once I did I would be addicted. Being so connected all the time is great in lots of way, but it can also take away from being present in real life. Now that I'm home every day, its far too easy to keep my phone by my side and check social media a millions times a day. That's ridiculous. While I've done a better job at putting my phone down in the evening when Justin is home, I need to do better during the day. I saw this floating around Pinterest and I love it. I don't get push notifications or have many random apps on my phone, so I thought I'd modify it and make a detox plan that works for me. Have you seen this app that helps keep you accountable for the time you spend on your phone? I'm downloading it and using it as part of my detox! I'm going to start Monday, want to join me? What other actions steps would you add to the plan?

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