Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday cards.

  Do you send out Christmas cards? I've been begging Justin to let me send one out for the last four years, and it seems that having a kid makes it finally acceptable. You can see a teeny tiny sneak peek of our cards in that photo up there- but I can't show you the whole thing! I'm mailing them out first thing Friday morning, as soon as I round up the last of our addresses {and finally input those same addresses into my handy book!}. 
  We used photos from our mini session for our Cardstore card this year, but I'm kind of looking forward to using some crazy family photos in the future. My absolute favorite cards to receive are the candid, funny ones. And the geniuses behind Cardstore just launched their Candid Christmas Cards Contest! They know that the “typical” posed Christmas card photos don't capture the chaos that goes on behind the scenes every year, so to enter this contest, they want people to share a photo that tells the real story. Picture kids crying on Santa's lap, dogs knocking down Christmas trees, or your living room post-unwrapping-- basically whatever Christmas really looks like in your family. How fun is that?! And the grand prize winner will receive a $1,500 Visa gift card to put towards a holiday trip, a Nikon CoolPix camera, and free Cardstore Christmas cards to send out to their loved ones this holiday season! They're also giving away fun prizes for second and third place.
So it got me thinking of my craziest Christmas photo or memory- and I kind of came up blank. Well, on the picture front at least. If we could make a home video into a card, I would totally use the throwback family video of my sister exclaiming how cool her new bra is on Christmas morning. But anyways, now I'm sort of going to embrace the Christmas crazies. Perhaps will get a photo gem when we take Caleb to meet Santa?
And, just in case you haven't ordered your Christmas cards yet, let me shamelessly plug Cardstore. You guys. Not only can you include photos on the front and back {I love that!}, they include your return address on your envelopes and will address all your cards and MAIL THEM FOR YOU. I totally would have done that if I had been more organized with my address list. The holiday season is so busy and full, and while I love doing things by hand and putting personal touches on gifts, I also really value time. So any place that gives me more time is a place I love!

This is a sponsored post. I received complimentary holiday cards from Cardstore, but all opinions are 100% my own!

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