Monday, October 20, 2014

Caleb. {four months}

  And just like that, we're got a not so newborn anymore 4month old baby. Caleb loves to stand and wiggle and roll from belly to back and smile and EAT HIS HANDS. Hands hands hands. All the hands, all the time for this kid. I have to give him credit, though. This month he started honing in on his thumb and is able to focus on that most of the time instead of his entire hand/fist/wrist/arm. So that's super cute. He also lets out the tiniest half giggles, usually when he first wakes up in the morning. But if we're honest, they're more like little grunts and I'm probably reaching here because I really want my child to full on giggle already. And raspberries. Kid can blow raspberries all day long, between the hand/thumb sucking. It's the cutest when he copies our raspberries- once we get him going it's hard to stop him!
  So let's be real for a minute. Caleb is a peanut. He's back down in the 9th percentile for weight and my heart kind of sank when the nurse handed me the paper with his stats last week. You know all the I feeding him enough? losing my milk? does he need formula? what if I'm doing something wrong and hurting my baby??? All the questions and worries that are so unnecessary. He's perfectly healthy and right where he needs to be. I love love our doctor. She reassured me that Caleb is just a little guy {he started out tiny!} and there is nothing to worry about. But that mom struggle is real. Is by baby growing enough? That kid is laughing already, why isn't mine? There will always be something to worry about or compare. So we're working on worrying and comparing less and enjoying more.
  Especially since there is so much to enjoy! Caleb is a sleeping champ and has adjusted to a new daytime schedule that we all love {what's not to love about two really long naps?}. He loves people and continues to be our content little guy. We went to a work cookout this weekend and he was passed around for 3 hours and barely fussed by the end of it all {but then was a little sad the rest of the weekend, not really fussy, but off his game for sure. We're blaming it on his shots from Friday...}. We're starting cereal this month and ditching the paci and arm swaddle are on our list of to-do's. 

  New this month:: sucking thumb, kicking and reaching while on belly, 4 hour schedule during the day {two really long naps, one short cat nap in the evening}, wearing 6 mo. clothes, bringing toys to mouth, more interested in books, first road trip to MSU, met Uncle Brett for the first time, blowing raspberries and copying mom and dad

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Christina said...

oh goodness he is SO CUTE, Katie!! And I know the "mom guilt" so so well. At 4 months, Isaac was around 6th percentile for weight...I was so discouraged too!! BUT he was also not sleeping, terribly reflux-y, and just pretty miserable most of the time. Booo. So thank God you haven't had that with your sweet little man!! Just FYI - Isaac kind of became obsessed with food once he got to eat it, and hasn't looked back since. He loooooves all food, and I swear he eats more than me. And now my tiny little peanut is in the 70th percentile!! So weird!! But all I'm trying to say is: You're doing a great job. You have a super healthy baby boy. Keep doing what you're doing!! :)