Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Parker and Posie.

  If you've peeked into Caleb's room, you've probably noticed it's a little hodge podge. Lots of different pieces put together to make a sort of colorful, collected nursery. Those are my favorite kinds of rooms. Not one that is all matchy matchy and centered around those cheesy 10 piece crib/curtain/decor sets {unless you have one of those and in that case, I love them! ;)}. One of the questions I get the most is where we found our favorite crib sheet. When we were getting ready for Caleb, I had the hardest time finding bedding I really, really loved. Until I stumbled upon Parker and Posie- hello custom crib sheets {and the sweetest baby shoes}!
  I'm in love with Caleb's bedding for two reasons: I was able to pick out the fabric {so I love it!} and it is so comfy. We have a couple other crib sheets off our registry, and while I like rotating them, this one is my favorite. It is just sturdier and I can tell it is going to last far longer than the other ones. One of our other sheets is muslin, which is cozy, but I feel like it could snag or get a hole from the slightest wear. Our other is a lighter cotton, which seems like it might already be fading. But the one Jaimie sent us is just right- the perfect fabric weight, the perfect size for our mattress, and those adorable green dots! 
  Jaimie also makes the sweetest tiny shoes and she made a pair for Caleb that matches his bedding! Gah. I can't wait to get them on his little feet- but he's got some growing to do. So cute though, right?
  If you're in the market for some custom baby bedding or an adorable pair of shoes to gift- you must check out Parker And Posie!

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Allison said...

Loved going back and seeing Caleb's nursery! So, so cute! That bedding is so fun. Like you, I did NOT want the cheesy matchy, matchy stuff and had a hard time finding crib sheets as well. I ended up finding a few sets online at Target.