Monday, September 15, 2014

Whole30. {week 2}

  We're getting closer to the homestretch {17 days to go!}, and feeling kind of like we got this. And if we're honest? That's probably because we've made some exceptions to this whole eating plan. For instance, we can't find Whole30 compliant bacon anywhere and I refuse to buy it online, so we're just eating the best we can find. We also had family visiting this weekend and they we so generous to bring us food. While it wasn't Whole30 compliant, we were so thankful and it would have been rude to say no just because of temporary eating habits. So we ate bread {the horror}. Afterwards, we decided that's kind of how we want to live. Eating healthy 80% of the time, and being flexible with family and social things the other 20% of the time.
  Also, to be really honest, I had a few moments this week when I really forgot why I'm doing this {to feel better about my body} or what the point is {to become a little healthier and more food conscious}. That probably happened right around the time I made Whole30 pumpkin muffins that a blogger swore were ohmygoshthebestthingsever. LIES. They were so nasty. And all I wanted was a delicious baked good. But then my friend Meg made these really good {as in, Whole30 good, not life good} chocolate and fruit cupcake things and all has been redeemed. I also just tore off day 18 on our kitchen paper countdown {I really did make a countdown} and am feeling good. We tried a few new meals last week and are branching out even more this week {think cauliflower pizza and zoodles}. By the end of this thing, we will for sure be feeling more confident about adding some veggie-heavy meals into our menu rotations.
  Here's what we loved last week::

//chicken nuggets// These were surprisingly delicious! I will definitely keep this recipe and make them again after this whole this is over. It seems like it would be especially good for kids, too.

//seasoned tilapia// My lunches this week were mostly all the same- seasoned tilapia, veggies, and soup. I loooove how easy it is to thaw some fish, coat it in spices {garlic, almond meal, paprika, chili powder, etc} and sear it really quickly.

//chocolate cupcakes// Ok, I didn't make these. But Meg brought them to our cooking club cookout yesterday and they were really good {again, in a Whole30 kind of way}. She even let me bring some home! So I'll for sure be making a batch of these this week, especially with visitors coming to town this weekend.

//smoothies// So these aren't a new thing in our house, but I have come to really depend on them. I am not a huge breakfast person {I don't love eggs}, so I always make myself a big glass or two of blended fruits and spinach. I find myself having to for sure have one of these each day and really craving them more than usual. {My recipe: one cup water & 2 c frozen spinach blended, half a frozen banana, handful each of pineapple, mixed berries, mango, peaches, or whatever other fruits we have on hand. Add more water as needed}

//turkey blt's// I snagged this recipe from here {one of my fav resources so far!} and it is SO good. I love meat that cooks all day, seasoned in the crockpot. I did learn that I like my sweet potato sliders to be really thin and less potato-y. But you can't go wrong with seasoned turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado!

//pesto stuffed chicken// I usually make pesto stuffed chicken with garden pesto blended together with sour cream and mozzarella {to make it creamy}. Well, since dairy is out, I just subbed in half an avocado- and it worked! Justin doesn't like avocados and he even like this- the flavor bakes out and you just have a creamy pesto. Yum!

By the end of this week, we'll be more than halfway through! I would be lying if I said I wasn't counting the days until I can have a cupcake or some really delicious sweet treat...

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