Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Whole 30.

Dear ice cream, I love you. I'll miss you. We'll meet again soon...

 10 weeks after having a baby, and I really can't complain about how my body has bounced back. I blame it on good genes and staying active during pregnancy. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight and can fit into all my old clothes, so that is for sure something to be thankful for. But I still want to be bit healthier. I'm less concerned about numbers on the scale and more so about feeling good. I've been working at getting workouts into my new stay at home mom routine, but I want to focus on my diet, too. 
  Enter Whole30. I know, it's kind of crazy a little extreme. Especially for someone who LOVES cheese and breads. And sweets. But it's only for 30 days and I used to do a similar detox every summer in college. The timing to try it is perfect, since Justin and his brother's are starting a weight loss challenge where the loser has to pierce their belly button {awesome, right?!}. So we're doing this crazy thing together. Diet changes are so much easier when everyone in the house is on board, right?
  We start September 2nd and I'm still kind of freaking out. I'm hungry for all the foods these days and want to make sure I don't impact my milk supply. We really want to do this and do it right though, so I've been researching all week. I've started a Pinterest board of recipes and have reread the approved grocery list a dozen times. 
  It will definitely be hard for me. But my body will thank me, Caleb with get more & better nutrients, and it will do me some good to be a little more disciplined. Gah. I'm really doing this.

Have you tried Whole30 or Paleo? Have any favorite recipes or blogs or advice? Homegirl needs ALL the help I can get. 

And more importantly, I'm looking for a fun hashtag to chronicle my Whole30 journey! Have anything catchy for me to use? 


Maggie and Ben said...

I tried whole 30 last year and it was...brutal, to be honest. I only lasted 21 days, but it is something I would consider doing again in the future! Good luck!

Mrs Hobbs said...

My husband and I did the Whole30 this past June/July. It was so hard for me! I lasted about 21 days but my husband loved it. We made homemade baked sweet potato chips but you can buy some at WalMart that is just sweet potatoes and they saved my life lol We also ate Eggs/Guacamole on top of a Hamburger. It was super good! I did lose 4 pounds in two weeks and I slept a lot better. Beware of the "Carb Flu" I got super cranky...but over all I did lose weight and felt better about myself. Good luck :)

Allison said...

I'm already looking forward to some type of detox after Aiden comes. You will definitely have to let me know how this goes!! Good luck mama!

Anonymous said...

Chris and I did a similar detox in May through his parents' gym. It was definitely hard, but doing it together made it easier. When I was having a hard time Chris would encourage me and vice versa. I would say the biggest things are planning ahead, meal prep (always have snacks cut up), and having variety in your meals. The first week we mostly at the same things and I was getting sick of eating meat, but once we put some variety in our meals it was better. I didn't read this when scanning Whole30 but we also had to drink half our body weight in ounces of water each day and I would really encourage that. After the first week I was feeling so much better. You are making me want to do this again! You and Justin are going to do great!