Friday, August 29, 2014

To the lake.

  Later today we're heading to the lake with my family. Isn't it funny how people never say "I'm going to Lake SoAndSo this weekend' and instead always just refer to it {any lake} as the lake? We're renting a house we've never seen in person on a lake we've never been to. All our plans for renting a boat fell through, so we'll just be floating and fish off the dock during the day and sitting around fire pit at night. Lots of passing off the baby and playing with my niece and sneaking in naps and hopefully reading a new book. I'm crossing my fingers that this becomes an annual tradition- a family trip to the lake over Labor Day weekend. It kind of seems like the epitome of sending off summer and gearing up for fall, doesn't it? We start Whole30 after we get back next week, so we plan on eating all the good foods. Our schedules also fill up quickly during the fall months, so we plan on soaking up all the family time. And summer always fades too quickly and winter lasts too long, so we plan on enjoying all the sunshine we can. So, if you need me this weekend {which is funny to say because, why would you need me?}, I'll be at the lake. 

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