Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Alex & Ally. {giveaway}

{Caleb helped me out and folded the bib back to show off the super soft and absorbent terry cloth!}

  I am SO excited about this giveaway- and I've been dying to finally get it up on the blog! Unless you live under a rock, you know that Etsy has some of the cutest baby goods. One of my absolute favorite baby shops from Etsy is Alex & Ally! Let me explain- I really don't like most trendy baby things. Mocs? Leggings with arrows all over them? Tight little knotted knit hats? Not really into those things. But I can get behind cute and functional things! Every baby needs a bib. And most need a paci. Lord knows my child uses both! 
  Caleb's favorite pacis are these little MAM ones. Unlike the popular Soothie brand, they are tiny and not bulky, which equals getting lost SO easily. Enter the lifesaving pacifier clip. Seriously. Since Ally send this our way, we've yet to lose another pacifier! Hashtag mom life struggles. 
  And let's talk about those bibs. I couldn't tell from the Etsy listings, but they are SO large. Perfectly oversized. Maybe your kid doesn't spit up. {rude} But my child is a master spitter and we go through those tiny little cotton bibs that come with all those cute outfits like no one's business- they're not super absorbent and they're kind of tiny. But I can't get enough of these bibs. The perfect size, super cute patterns, and legit able to soak up all that nasty spit up. 
  And to make room for Fall patterns, Alex & Ally are having an awesome sale on their whole shop! You better believe I've already stocked up on more goodies for myself {they should be in my mailbox any day now!} and you have to head over and checked out what's left {things are going fast!}.
  Ok, now for the good stuff. You can win yourself one of these adorable {and practical!} pacifier clips! And don't even tell me you don't need one because your baby doesn't use a pacifier. Does you baby use teething toys? Or put toys in their mouth at all? Um, these awesome clips can be used on Sophie the Giraffe and other toys! Because we all know how annoying the baby throws-mom picks up cycle is! So, enter to win your own and be sure to stop by Alex & Ally to snag yourself some sale goodies! 

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