Monday, August 25, 2014

Caleb. {two months}

  Stop it. Two months?! Actually he's 10 weeks old now, but he just had his 2 month checkup Friday. And goodness, has this boy been growing. Like a weed! He's also become so much more alert and interested in things around him. It's been really fun watching him grow this month- so much less newborn and so much more baby! He started smiling a little more this month, even though we still have to work ridiculously hard for those gummy grins. We've settled into a nice routine of waking up, eating, and going on a long walk each morning. He's cooing and talking a little and it's really fun to watch him discovering all his toys.
  We've been really blessed with an easy baby. He eats and sleeps so well, and is hardly ever fussy outside of the times we mess up his nap/eating schedule {even after his shots last week!}. We know we've helped him a little bit with those things by helping him get on a schedule, but for the most part we just lucked out. He's so sweet and we kind of pinch ourselves on the regular because, how did we get so lucky??

New this month:: Caleb started infant swim classes {at 6 weeks} and LOVES them. Our friend Chelsea and her baby Owen are in the class with us, which makes it extra fun. His favorite part is floating on his back and he isn't phased at all about going under water. He rolled over from front to back at 7 weeks and has started to coo and talk. He's fitting into 0-3 month clothes and will probably last in those for another month. Another new thing this month is that he's eating faster and nursing for 15-20 minutes {instead of 30-35} at each feeding. We also really started to work on self-soothing this month, mostly for naps since we'd already been doing bedtimes. We also adjusted his schedule and bumped up his bedtime from 9:30ish to right after his 7pm feeding. This means a new bedtime routine of bath, pjs, story, and bed- and he's done SO well with it. We started the dreamfeed this month, but dropped it after a week or so because he doesn't seem to need it. 
  Overall, it was a great month. It feels more official that I'm staying home and not going back to work and I love this new normal. We've settled into an evening routine that means Justin gets in some cuddles and is almost always the one to get Caleb into his pjs and read him his bedtime story. So naturally, my heart melts every night as I listen from down the hall.

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