Thursday, May 1, 2014

Up & Doing. {May}

  Happy May Day! I don't mean to be a broken record, but where is the time going? This is hands down the fastest Spring of my life. April seemed to be over before it really even started, so I was surprised to look back and see how well I did with my goals for the month! To be honest, I had kind of forgotten about them so it's even more impressive they got accomplished. I have big plans for May, since it's my last month in a while without being super large and in charge {read: full term} or adjusting to a newborn. Here's how I did with April's goal and what I'm working on this month::

//Lent// This one was carried over from March, and I did a little better with it. Much more consistent time in the Word focusing on the Lenten season and Easter and much, much more time spent praying for specific people. Not perfect, but better than last month!

//exercise// Yes! It's so hard {mentally} for me to avoid running these days, but I'm loving my afternoon gym sessions and walks with the pups. I'll take what I can get these days, especially since I think the pregnant waddle is in my very near future!

//baby's room// Gah! I loved this one. I had secretly hoped to get more than just our wall stencil and matted print done in April, but I set my goal low. You know, to set myself up for success. Well, those two definitely got done, along with finding some fun knobs for our dresser/changing table, painting and hanging some bookshelves and a mirror, and getting lots of organizing done. 

//baby things// So, this baby is coming pretty soonish. And I like to have things planned and my ducks all in a row {as much as possible}. So, this month I want to make sure we take our hospital tour, order our nursery chair, and take care of the last few things on our registry {swing, car accessories, boppy cover, etc}. Also, I need to make myself some burp cloths! I've made tons as gifts lately, but keep putting off my own.

//date Justin// Since this baby really is going to be here soon, I want to be extra intentional about quality time with Justin. May is a really crazy month for him, so I want to squeeze in some breakfast dates and evening walks to just enjoy each other before things get really crazy this summer.

//garden// I'm still planning to garden this summer, just taking a more simple route than usual. It seems like the threat of frost is finally gone in Indiana, so I want to pick up my baby plants and get them in my plot really early this month. I'm hoping for an early harvest this year!

Do you set monthly goals? What are you working on this month? 

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