Friday, May 9, 2014

31 weeks.


I was telling my doctor at my appointment last week that I'm really starting to feel pregnant now. We joked about how fast the second trimester charm wears off. I still can't really complain, though, since I feel great for the most part. I'm just bracing myself for less and less sleep and more aches over these next few weeks! Also, baby boy is running out of room in there already. When he kicks and punches, my whole belly shakes. It's a bit embarrassing when I'm sitting in a work meeting!
   We had our baby shower last week, and it really was so much fun. I found myself tearing up throughout the whole thing because we are just so loved. And I really don't want to take that for granted. My sisters especially went above and beyond to make it really special for me- I can't wait to share photos! My only regret is not being able to sit and chat longer with everyone there, you know? That's the worst part of those things; feeling like you just don't get a chance to talk to everyone who came to support you! We were really spoiled and got so many good {and important!} things for the baby. Since it was our only shower, I've been having tons of fun since then buying a few more clothes {thank you, outlet shopping!} and organizing the nursery. I find myself going into the nursery every afternoon since the shower to go through a few more baby things and sort stuff and just let myself get so excited about this new little life that will be here soon. My heart kind of feels like it could burst these days!
   And, on a much more sensitive note, I've been feeling extra sensitive about this growing baby I'm carrying. I've had a pretty healthy pregnancy and it's easy to take all of that for granted and assume we'll have a healthy birth, too. But I know that's not guaranteed. With that in mind, I really am cherishing each kick and squirm I feel these days. He's not even here yet, but I know I'm already so blessed to have had these 31 weeks getting to know him.

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