Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring swap. {ideas}

   If you signed up for the Spring Swap, you should have heard from your partner sometime over the weekend! {If not, be sure to let us know.} And now the fun begins! Guys, there are only 2 days left until Spring...and who doesn't love an excuse to go shopping? In case anyone is feeling stuck on what to include in their swap package, here are some of my Spring favorites that I think would go great in a package for your Swap partner!

candles// I always break out the fresh, floral scents during Spring. So clean and light!
scarves// Bright and lightweight scarves are just about the epitome of Spring
bright polish// corals, teals, and pastels are my favs
flowers// But honestly, who doesn't love fresh flowers or seeds for their garden?
mason jars and cold drinks// I find myself putting away my stash of hot teas and breaking out lemonade and iced teas when the weather gets a bit warmer
bright accessories// Etsy, Forever21, and Target all have the cutest bright accessories- prints, pencils, vases. So many cute options!

   I really can't wait to see what ends up in everyone's mailboxes! Be sure to get to know your partner and ship your package by March 31st!

What's on your Spring must-have list? 


Unknown said...

Love these ideas, and I can't wait to buy my goodies for my partner :) xx

Stormy said...

Ha! I'm doing a post just like this today! What are the chances? {Great minds think alike I guess!}