Monday, March 17, 2014


  As expected, it was just a really good weekend. The best part? Ok, well there were two best parts. First, our nursery furniture was delivered on Saturday morning! Which meant spending a really good chunk of the day knee deep in the infamous Ikea assembly process. But it was way easier than we anticipated and we didn't fight once. So that's a win! Also? I am in love with our crib and new dresser/changing table that my in-laws gifted us. In love! {excuse the grainy phone photos. It was that kind of weekend...}

  The second best part? Monthly family dinner on Sunday. Lori hosted and we had a taco bar. Because, who doesn't love tacos?? We started this tradition sometime last year and I think we all look forward to it every month. My niece and nephew are at such an entertaining age and there's lots of talk about the new cousin that will be here this summer. Also, how cute are the socks and onesie my sister bought for baby boy?? I can't.

   We ended the weekend by grilling out with our small group from church (it was way too cold to grill out, but I think we're all protesting this everlasting winter) and a really, really great time of getting to know how God has moved in all of our lives over the years. 
   And then, this morning. I could barely get out of bed and I still had to wear gloves while getting gas this morning. Blah. But! Warmer weather is on the horizon, I have a planned bedtime of 8:30 tonight, and this is a shorter work week since we're heading up to Chicago for a bachelor party this weekend (ok, so I'm just tagging along to do baby shopping with some pregnant friends). So, suck it Monday. You can't get me down! :)

How was your weekend? Also, please tell me I'm not the only one still struggling from Daylight Savings. This whole still-dark-at-8am thing is for the birds!


laureneshepherd said...

YOU HAVE A CRIB!!! Oh my gosh. So exciting. Great choice!

Chelsea E. said...

The furniture is so cute!! Glad you had a good weekend! I hope the Chicago baby shopping trip is highly successful!!