Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just some things. {2}


 I have the urge to cuddle up with my husky and spend a few hours catching up on some reading today. Instead, I'm working while all my kiddos are on spring break- and it's snowing outside. Again. This is most definitely the winter that never, ever ends.
   Anyways, I have a half dozen posts sitting in my drafts, but instead I'm sitting here writing about nothing in particular. I'm ready for Spring {with real Spring-like weather}, I'm feeling restless at work lately, and I catch myself daydreaming about the future when I should be working instead. 
   We spent the weekend with some college friends, and coming home from trips like that is always hard. Remember my vacation hangover last summer? Kind of like that. But, we got in lots of baby planning {3 of us are knocked up!}, Justin did some bachelor-partying, and we even made a {semi-successful} trip to Ikea. Speaking of, if you live near an Ikea and want to pick up some of these for me...I'd be your BFF. Because it will cost me an arm and a leg to have them shipped/drive 2 hours to pick them up. 
  Also? I can't wait to start garden planning. I'm taking a more lazy route this year {less seedlings, more baby plants from the nursery} since, you know, I'll be a bit preoccupied this summer. But honestly, I cannot wait to have fresh basil and zucchini and cut flowers in my house for months on end. Ok, Spring weather...get your butt in gear!

  Are you doing any gardening this year? What are you growing?? Feeling as random and so over winter like me? 

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Sarah Voorhees said...

I have also been working while school is on Spring Break and it makes work boring... which is why I'm reading blogs instead of working haha.
Chris and I have talked about starting a garden this summer, but we need to figure out what that looks like while living in an apartment, so we will see :)