Monday, March 3, 2014

A pregnancy cold.

   You guys. Having a cold while pregnant is hard. Not to be dramatic here, but it is kind of the worst. Being limited to only Benadryl and nasal spray results in feeling absolutely miserable. I’ve never missed Nyquil so much in my life. But, hey, those sleepless nights {since, you know, I can’t breathe and my throat is on fire and my head is pounding} are just preparing me for the days of nursing a newborn, right? I’m clearly searching for the silver lining here.

  In all seriousness, though, I’ve stumbled upon a a few must haves and tricks to fighting this terrible cold at 22 weeks pregnant. I have my survival list of must haves and maybe they'll help you in case you happen to find yourself knocked up and with a cold?
Chapstick//for chapped lips, obviously. But I also put some under my nose to keep it from getting raw from the pile of Kleenex’s I’m working through!
Emergen-C//Even though my prenatals have plenty of Vitamin C in them, I find that downing a pack or two of this stuff each day takes a bit of the edge off of a bad cold.
Benadryl//{be sure to check with your doctor first!} as needed to help with sleeping. This is a lifesaver and helps get in a least a few hours of sleep
Good pillows// for propping up in bed at night, because Lord knows there's no lying flat and still being able to breathe. 
Ice Cream Comfort food// I may have already indulged in a pint of strawberry ice cream. And then proceeded to make myself some nutella banana muffins this weekend. Hey, it helps with a sore throat!
Chicken soup & Chamomile tea// They soathe a sore throat and help stay hydrated
Lots and lots of water// Since we’re pretty limited on meds we can take while pregnant, staying hydrated truly is the best way to feel better sooner! 
Don't hold out on me. What pregnancy cold relief tips do you have for me??

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