Friday, February 28, 2014

22 weeks.

   This has been such a fun week! We started our baby registry last weekend and it was so much fun to pick everything out for our little guy. I also spent part of Saturday re-organizing our attic so that everything in our office {read: my crafting crap} can be moved up there to make room for the nursery. I'm hoping to get the room cleaned out this weekend or next. I'm just so excited to get started! We had really high hopes of being able to use the same crib my mom, uncle, sisters, and I slept in- but turns out we can't find all the pieces to be able to get it up to safety code. But! It's put me on the hunt for a really simple crib and I think I've found one I love {and a match dresser for a changing table} at Ikea. And, I may have found the cutest and most affordable rug! Can you tell how excited I am?
  In other, not so fun news, I have a cold. Which wouldn't be notable except that I'm also knocked up and it turns out all the good meds {read: Nyquil} are unsafe for baby. Good Lord. Let's just say that this pregnancy cold has given me some good practice for the sleepless nights on my horizon. But, I did discover that Benadryl is safe to take, so I've been able to squeeze in a few hours of sleep!
  And, just to bookend this post with fun updates- baby boy is moving like crazy these days. Justin was able to finally feel him this week, too. He's just so active in there all the time, I can't imagine how crazy it's going to get once he starts running out of room. He has a lot of time to he better take advantage of the space while he has it! 


Holly Osbeck said...

Love your cute bump! So excited you both can feel the kicks :) Now that Will's a little bigger he'll roll and sometimes it literally tickles form the inside...crazy! Anywho, can't wait to see your nursery updates--so fun!!

Christina said...

how fun is this?!?! your bump is soooo cute!! Sorry about the cold - and lets hope you end up getting more sleep that I've been getting lately...sheesh.