Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby boy ideas {nursery}.

{minus pink!}
   Before we knew if we were having a boy or girl, I knew I wanted to build our nursery around Katie Daisy's prints- the bright colors and quotes are perfect. I am too indecisive to choose two colors for a whole room (we didn't even nail down wedding colors!), so I've always wanted bright and colorful, boy or girl. And now that we know it's a boy, I'm ready to start planning! We'll probably have 3 prints above the crib and then use the rug, bedding, and accessories on the shelves to bring in other colors. I like neutral but colorful, if that makes sense? Justin thinks it all still looks a bit girly, but it's hard to make a baby's nursery manly. So, we'll see how it all comes together! In the meantime...I need your help with some nursery and registry stuffs.
  We want to keep things as simple and comfortable as possible and using One Kings Lane guide to building a comfortable nursery to help us plan. We also know there are some baby items that end up feeling like lifesavers. While we can't predict what type of bottle he'll like best, or how breastfeeding will go- we do know for sure a few things {he won't sleep in our room, not cloth diapering, etc}. Based on that, we have a few items we know we're getting but would love to hear your input on the best brands, types, etc!

Glider/Rocker/Nursery chair// Have one you love that didn't break the bank?

Monitor// video or not? We don't want to spend a gagillion $$ when we can just pop our head in his room if need be.

Pack'n'play// Why are there so many versions of these?!?! We plan on using this primarily upstairs as a changing/napping station (in lieu of a rock'n'play!)

Bathtub// Also, a million versions of these. Which do you love that has grown with your baby?

baby gate// For all I know, these are all created equally. But we have two big-ish dogs that we'll just want to corral better once baby gets here. Have any {affordable} favorites?

Beside the above, I have some other questions for you!

What can you not live without in your nursery?
What did you realize you never used/needed?
What was the best nursery tip you received when you were planning your's?


Amy Cortez said...

Monitor- We didn't get a video one and it has been fine. Gives me a reason to get a little exercise if I need to run upstairs. My mom had a video one (for babysitting) and the distance didn't reach as far.

Pack'n'play-We got a cheap one, my sister got a really fancy one...both work great...just pick one you like for features and look :)

Bathtub-We probably used our tub a total of 4 times. We went from sponge bath to handing him in the shower with one of us or using the sink. Once he could sit up then we have a bath mat and he loves playing in the tub. If you do get one, I would get the plastic ones and not a mesh on that sits in the tub. Those don't clean well, also hard to lean over tub and feel comfortable for new born.

baby gate-we have a couple flights of stairs but decided to go with a play pen over a baby gate. I let him out and explore when I am with him but when I am running around the house, it gives him contained freedom. My mom also has one and she has an old english sheep dog. It is great because the dog can be out and about as usual but separate from baby.

We got ours on amazon

We also got the extension for later.

I had lots of other tips for your registering post but lost it and never got back to them...I am sure you have plenty of help but let me know if you want to know! I felt crazy registering!

Interprintations said...

We loved our Ubi diaper pail in white. It's not too big or gaudy, and works with any trash bags.

A diaper caddy is super handy - something cute to sit on the changing table, but easily portable to the living room, etc. That way, you don't have to keep going to the changing table for every diaper change.

When looking for a glider, my selling point was finding one with a slipcover. Baby will inevitably spit up on it, so I wanted something that would be easily washable.

I actually love our video monitor - sometimes opening the door to their room to "peek" in lets in light & noise, waking them. It's nice to be able to take the video monitor with you wherever you go (kitchen, living room, etc). Plus, you can usually add cameras later, making it easier for you if/when you have multiple kids. =)

Good luck & have fun registering!

Holly Osbeck said...

I absolutely love this! What we've found is that so many people do things differently...and there's no right answer! I've definitely loved getting input from others, but I found we just go with our gut (i.e. yeah a video monitor would be awesome or nah, not needed).

I'm not sure if they have this by you, but we got our glider at an online garage sale! Like craigslist, but it's a Facebook Page for my area. You may get some good deals through a place like that :)

And the only reason I'm commenting about the tub is because my sister-in-law said she loved the one that has a sling--so you can use it when their newborns and then much older. It was one of the things where she wanted something specific. Something like this:

I LOVE the colors!! I think they are adorable. Sometimes it's easier to find one items (like a pillow or bedding) and base all your paint colors/other items off that (this is according to my MIL who is hardcore decorator ;))

Obviously I'm NO expert on any of this, but I found the above info helpful as we registered/planned the nursery :)

I'm sure whatever you decide will be just right for the three of you!

Carmen said...

Ok I'm still super new at this whole baby thing, but I feel like I've picked up a few things. :) The monitor is completely up to you. I got a regular gracco that is not a video, because I thought I would just stare at her when she slept. I think it's personal preference, but the one I have is not expensively is super clear. I can even hear the clock ticking in her nursery if I turn up the volume!

We haven't used our pack and play yet so I don't know how well she likes it, but I think if you buy one you like the features and look of, they are all about the same.

We got my glider as a gift, but my brother bought it for us on He got a good deal and I love it!

Make sure you love your nursery, because you're going to be spending the most time in there!

Boldly Chic Planner said...

Believe it or not - we never had a video for Mia until she was almost 12 months old! We had a regular old noise monitor and would go in or peek in if she was making a lot of sounds! I always thought it would be necessary - but, it worked out just fine!!!

I highly recommend the Bjorn Crib instead of Pack n Play - I don't know why - but Mia loves it and sleeps so much better in that. It travels incredibly well and fits inside our luggage too!

You will need a white noise machine - we just used the piece out of the Sleep Sheet and then downloaded some on our iPod!

Those are my biggest tips! xoxo

Interprintations said...

Yes, the sounds on the Sleep Sheep were so handy. Brady still uses that to fall asleep.

Sheryl {BellybuttonsandBows} said...

We have a video monitor and I love it!! I like being able to check on him without having to go up to his room and chance waking him up.

For the glider, we got ours from Walmart but I know Target has ones that are nice also. If you can find one in good condition on Craigslist/online sale, is suggest that too! You can always recover the pads if you need to.

We got a pack n play that has a bassinet attachment and used that for the first 6 months.

I love your nursery plans. I think as long as you avoid pinks/peaches and pastels you should be just fine. :) neutral walls with pops of color would be so cute!

Christina said...

oh fun - I can help with this.

Glider- yard sale!! Awesome one for $30 :)

Monitor- Craigslist!! We got an unused Motorola video monitor for $100 - and I am SO GLAD we have it. We use a non-video at my mom's, and I love that in the video monitor you can see if they're crying because they're actually awake, or if they're just crying in their sleep.

Pack N Play- got donated from a friend, keep at my mom's. We used the rock & sleep for the first 2-3 months for Isaac to sleep in because he needed the incline for his reflux :/

Haven't even bought a baby gate yet!! Yikes!

Honestly, we don't spend a lot of time in the nursery :( Sad!! We spend our time downstairs during the day. BUT the nursery is still one of my favorite rooms in the house :) I LOVE your colors - can't wait to see it!!!!!