Saturday, February 22, 2014

21 weeks.

{please excuse the just rolled out of bed look. This is how we do Saturdays around here!}

We're having a boy! I'm sure you're sick of hearing that after this week of all things baby on the blog. But I am so excited. So, so excited! Last week's doctor's appointment and ultrasound made this whole thing feel a bit more real. We are actually having a baby in a few months and it's a boy. Crazy town!
   While I'm still feeling great and just generally loving this second trimester, I'm realizing my running days are numbered. I've been able to get in at least 3 runs a week, and about 3 miles each time. Nothing crazy at all, but it just does really good things for my stress level and my head. I feel so good while I'm running {minus the whole baby bouncing on bladder thing} and mentally afterwards, that I am so sad to have to slow down. I have an arthritic back and almost always deal with some back pain, but its only getting worse as my belly grows and my muscles stretch. And while I don't think that my running is really hurting anything, it definitely isn't making my back pain any easier. Here's to hoping the weather finally warms up and Spring comes quickly so I can at least enjoy some long walks {and a few short runs} outside with the pups!
   On another note, baby boy is getting more and more active. Or at least I'm able to feel it more and more. It used to just be at night that I could feel him wiggle around, but now I know he's on the move all day everyday. We found out during our ultrasound last week that my placenta is anterior (riveting information for you today, I know) and it makes it a more difficult for me to feel the little guy moving. So now, when I do feel him, I just imagine he's super strong to be kicking through that placenta! 

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Chelsea E. said...

You are too cute!! And I gave up running long ago. The bladder situation made it impossible. I had to stop every quarter of a mile to go. I'm already dying to be able to run again! Maybe in September or October...