Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow days.

   Winter has never been my favorite season, but who can resist the charm of the first real snow days of the year? Granted, they'd be a ton more fun if I didn't have to use my PTO or go unpaid even though my company {and the whole city!} is shut down...but, adult things.
   Anyways, we got dumped on over the weekend. We had a few inches left over from last week and then added on another foot or more plus drifting. Add to that the coldest temperatures in 20 years {with wind chills at -45º} and I've found myself in the house since Saturday night! Even Murphy has hesitated to leave our toasty house and venture out. While it was way too cold to venture out for pretty photos, I remembered that I snapped some of the first snow earlier this winter. In December, maybe? We barely had an inch or two, but it was still so pretty! Please note a few things:: Jersey is in none of them {she's a wimp in the cold}, Murphy is walking out of the holly bushes, and he is beyond annoyed with me. 
   I'm {hopefully!} heading back to work tomorrow and hoping that the snow and ice all melts this weekend and this is the last real taste of winter we have until, well, next year! Wishful thinking?!

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