Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Great Christmas Exchange 2013.

 I was so excited to join in the Christmas Exchange fun with Oak+Oats and Elah Tree this year! I think I must have the worst luck ever with these things though, because just like with some past Cara Box months, I didn't have the best experience. But it wasn't all bad! 
 I was matched with the super sweet Christina from Sweet Lavender Shoppe and had the most fun shopping for her! It was so hard to control myself while shopping at Anthropologie for her! In my excitement to package it all up and get it in the mail before we left for NYC, I didn't get a shot of all the goodies, but you can check her blog here

What's inside:: Volcano mercury glass candle// Rifle Paper Co. goodies// Cat mug from Target// treats for her babies// teas and chocolates

  This is where I would share what I receive and how much fun I had meeting my other partner- but after watching the mailbox like a hawk, no package ever arrived. Of course I'm bummed and I haven't found out what the mix-up was, but even though the exchange ended up being a bit of a bummer since I didn't receive anything, I'm so thankful for the chance to 'meet' Christina and bless someone else. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?! :) 


Robyn B said...

that mug is seriously adorable! so sorry you didn't receive anything, but i love your outlook :)

Unknown said...

YOU WERE THE BEST SECRET SANTA EVERRRRRR! I mean...seriously the best. As you already know, I loved EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

And oh my gosh I am so sorry!!! You didn't get a package?!?! Girl! What's your address?! I'll send something your way, stat!

Anonymous said...

Love, love the mug! I've been on the search for one like that!

I hear ya on the 'not receiving'. After watching the mail, mine has yet to arrive as well. At least we were able to meet many new friends!

Happy New Year!


lacey said...

keep on the lookout! in the past month, two different checks of mine have been lost in the mail, but they both ended up turning up eventually. i think things must have gotten crazy at the post office. i love the sweet gifts you gave to your girl. fun!

Anonymous said...

girl. the post office is crazy. i wouldn't be surprised if your box is lost in translation somewhere. it's happened to me!
i actually saw your photo of your gifties on instagram before you sent them and was secretly a little jealous of your recipient! SO cute!

Elizabeth said...

I love the gift you sent! You are seriously a rock star!!

and I have said this multiple times but i am so bummed about the lack of package slash so hopeful it will end up on your doorstep one day soon!

I do know that a little something will be coming your way ;) so chin up.


PS: thanks for your wonderful attitude and participating in the exchange!! I am so glad you did!

Unknown said...

You are fantastic! You sent the most amazing gift and you have had the most amazing attitude! Thank you so much for participating and for your sweet heart!