Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter mantle.


  I barely decorated our house at all for Christmas {read: no ornaments on the tree!}. Our mantle has been pretty bare since I packed up the Fall decorations a few months ago, but after being snowed in for 4 days I finally got around to sprucing it up and making it a bit winter-y. I'm a fan of plain and simple and not spending money on little things to decorate the house. Unless they can be used over and over, like vases and frames. I'm also in love with using books to decorate these days and I seem to have a good collection of them. The old, tattered one on the mantle was a Christmas gift from my mom- its a personal recipe book from 1927. Inside are all sorts of handwritten recipes and notes. I love it!

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Allison said...

It's perfect. I love simple especially after all the clutter that my house had over the holidays. This is refreshing. Love the burlap, love the pinecones, love the white vases. Good work girl. :)