Monday, January 27, 2014

Quiet and calm.


  This weekend was just really good. We stayed in on Friday night and I even made it until after 10pm until going to bed {that's a serious record these days}. Saturday, some of my girlfriends came over to craft and I caught up on some book club reading while Justin got his healthy meals for the week ready. On Sunday, I spent most of the morning at church {who doesn't love nursery duty?!} and then we popped over to visit our friends' new baby. The rest of the day was mostly filled with more book club reading {I'm seriously behind}. And, honestly? Bed by 8:15pm. We. Are. Wild.
   It crosses my mind at least a dozen times a week how much I love the pace of our lives right now. Slow, steady. Mostly predictable. We have our routines and a great community. Minus the really, really cold temperatures outside, this season of life is truly sweet. And maybe its extra sweet because we know it will change in a lot of ways when this summer gets here. Which, of course, makes my mind wander to the future and those changes. I've spent a lot of time dreaming and praying about my dreams. Maybe I'll share those dreams later this week. Do you ever get like that? Really introspective when you know you're on the verge of big life changes? For me, the balance of enjoying right now while dreaming and praying about what's to come can be a little hard sometimes. Keep me accountable with staying in the moment? I sure could use it.

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Ashley said...

staying in the moment is a hard one for me...i'm always dreaming about my hopes and dream so, sometimes its hard to stay right in the moment. i needed your post as a reminder :)