Friday, January 24, 2014

17 weeks.

  I have officially entered that land of 'is she pregnant or chubby?'. Nice. Other than that, I am seriously loving this second trimester. The energy is legit {until 8pm, when I absolutely crash} and so is the appetite. We've also started planning a fun and really small party to celebrate Valentine's Day and let our family know the baby's gender. Cheesy, but oh so fun. I will never pass up a reason to host a brunch and serve crepes. Know that. We also reinstated date night (formerly date breakfast) this week, since we really do know that these sweet days of just the two of us are numbered and we want to take advantage of the pace of life right now before it changes. And really, we want to set a precedent for even after the baby gets here!
  And, because people ask me all the time, I guess its worth mentioning that I haven't really had full on pregnancy cravings. Nothing that I have to have right this freaking minute. I will say that Pringles/salty things taste especially delicious lately, but I'm not really eating them that much. I have, however, been enjoying some frozen cokes, in moderation, no matter how cold it is outside. So maybe that's a real craving? Also notable, my sweet tooth is almost completely gone. Which is really crazy and a bit sad to me. But probably a good thing because, weight gain. Not that you really care. But perhaps next pregnancy this stuff will be important to me?
  Also really exciting this week has just been enjoying going through this season with some really good and special friends {not special in the short bus way, more in the so thankful for them way}. A favorite blog friend shared that we almost share due dates and my best friend out in Colorado {which feels farther away than ever} is a few months ahead of me. My other two roommates from college are due in a matter of weeks. My cousin and another high school friend are also due this summer. That's just really fun, you know? Last time around I was really excited to be pregnant around the same time as my sisters, but that was short-lived. So I guess I'm extra relishing this togetherness!


Holly Osbeck said...

So exciting! Love the date night idea :)

Anonymous said...

I love your bump update posts! And that your dogs must be included in the pictures! Adorable!