Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall must-haves. {Black Tie Caramel}

  How about a mash-up of posts today? I'm combining today's Choosing Joy and Fall Must-Have's posts together! Because,who doesn't love a good giveaway and delicious treats?? 
 Today's the second-to-last of the Fall Must Have's series, and I'm so excited to talk about Black Tie Caramel! I stumbled upon Cindy's shop through HopeSpoken. Black Tie Caramel is one of the sponsors, and anyone who supports a great event like HopeSpoken has my vote! Also, who doesn't love caramel, especially with a dash of fleur de sel?? It kind of screams FALL TREAT to me. At Black Tie, they use only the freshest ingredients to hand make these delicious treats. I especially love their adorable packaging! How cute would these be for a holiday party favor or even wedding favor? But if we're being honest, I really just want a big 'ole jar for myself! Cindy from Black Tie Caramel is so sweetly offering one of you lucky ducks a free 3oz. sack of these delicious treats! 

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Stormy said...

Any of the caramels sound amazing! Cashew caramel?? Yum!

Emily grapes said...

Definitely the fluer de sel salted carmels..yuuuuuum

Nicole said...

I've been eying these since Hope Spoken announced they were sponsors. How super fun that you are doing a giveaway here. YAY!


Nicole said...

Sorry, I also visited the shop and would probably go for the fluer de sel caramels! Now i'm seriously hungry!!


Kathryn said...

Dark chocolate almond caramel! Or really, any of them!