Monday, October 21, 2013

Choosing joy: for others.


   Did you get around to reading Emily's post last week about Mr. Rogers and Martha Stewart? If not, it's worth the read. You can find it here. Go ahead, I'll wait.
  Good stuff, right? It really got me thinking. This whole series has been about choosing joy, every day, for yourself. But we're family and we're in this together. I'm a firm believer in community and looking out for each other. So what does it mean to help others choose joy? 
  The easy answer is through the words we use with each other. Verbal exhortation goes a long way. Think about it, have you ever felt less joyful after a compliment or really sweet words of encouragement? Probably not. I see this all the time in my job. I say something seemingly menial, but it changes a client's disposition right a way. Telling a tired, pushed to her limits mom wow, you've got a lot on your plate and I can't tell you love your kids. Or a kid who is perpetually in trouble and visiting the principle you know, you're really a good kid and I know you can make good choices. Or a even just to a friend I'm really glad you decided to come tonight. Words have power. Power to build up and tear down. 
  But what else? Words can't be the only way we can encourage our friends and family and anyone who crosses our paths towards joy. In fact, I think its the unspoken things that elicit the most joy. Random intentional moments, like sending a card and brining flowers and care packages. Or spending real time in prayer for them. Or a long hug, good laugh, and a shared cry. 
  I don't do the best job at this, but I really do try to make my relationships intentional. The way I see it, if I'm not encouraging someone to joy, I'm probably pushing them away from it. My go-to's are cards, prayer, texts, care packages, baked goods, and coffee dates. Those are the main ways I show love and encourage joy with friends. Basically, gifts and quality time. Those are the two primary ways I receive it, too. Also, hugs and cries. If you're a good {real life} friend of mine, you know this. We have most likely cried together and hugged it out afterwards. It's my jam. But, I really need to push myself in some other ways. 
  I'm interested- how do you encourage joy? How have others encouraged it in you? I can't get Emily's post out of my head. Am I choosing joy or criticism? Will people remember that I made them feel loved and encouraged towards joy?

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