Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Choosing joy: A shameless plug.

Could you ever say no to that adorable {almost 3 years old!} face?? I know. Me neither. So do the {almost} birthday girl and me a favor and answer a few questions here? It's only one person away from being an even number, and the type-A in me really, really wants it to be even. So help a girl out? Youdayoudabest. 

The Whole series:
Day 2. Let's chat. 
Day 3. Nouwen's words. 
Day 4. A choice. 
Day 5. A picture. 
Day 6. A quote
Day 7. In marriage.
Day 8. Fake it.  
Day 9. A song
Day 10. Zucchini bread
Day 11. Best of my days.
Day 13. A quote. {2}
Day 14. Priorities
Day 15. A book.  
Day 16. After loss
Day 17. With people.
Day 18. whoops! no post. 
Day 19. A picture. {3}
Day 20. A quote. {3}
Day 21. For others
Day 22. A Fall treat
Day 23. A shameless plug.


Legally Lovely said...

Done! Those were kind of hard, but maybe it's just because I've been extra anxious lately? Love that puppers!

Ashleigh said...

I love this photo! That is too darn cute..