Friday, October 4, 2013

Choosing joy: A choice.

   We all can probably agree that joy is a good thing, a thing we all want or strive for. The part of this whole thing that's been wrecking me over this past year is that it's a choice. As in, I have a few options- joy or not joy. Sometimes the alternative is sadness or anger or jealousy or whatever. When I spell it out like that, it kind of seems silly. Like a no-brainer choice. Why would anyone ever choose anything instead of joy?
   I propose that we all choose lots of other things over joy. Often. Because it's easier. It requires less faith and trust and willpower. It allows us to throw a pity party. It doesn't take intentionality. Also, I think we avoid choosing joy sometimes because it can seem like defeat. Joy, I think, can mean that we acknowledge whatever is going on may or may not be our favorite, but we won't let it define us. But sometimes, I think we want to be defined by our situations. Am I wrong?
  What do you think? Is the choosing part the hardest thing about joy for you, too? If you haven't already, join in the conversation here. I really mean it when I say I'd love to hear what you think!

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Allison said...

I agree 100%. So many times I choose to have a pity party instead of simply choose joy that has been extended to me.