Friday, October 4, 2013


  I'm taking a little break from my 31 Days series to share something really, really exciting! If you haven't heard of Umba, or don't know the newest things they're up to- you'll want to hear this.

   What launched two years ago as Umba Box, a subscription box for handmade goods, is undergoing some significant changes. After taking a hard look at what Umba represents, they realized that ultimately, Umba is about empowerment and inspiration. While their mission of uniting through creative discoveries that delight and inspire remains constant, they’re starting to take this ideal to the next level.
   In just under two years, Umba has partnered with hundreds of amazingly talented artists who spent years refining their craft, sometimes spending hours making a single product, purely out of a love of what they do. Many artists are often (rightfully) frustrated that their products aren’t getting the attention they deserve as they face fierce price competition. Online markets have become oversaturated with artists. The Umba community is the voice for these artists, designers, producers, and illustrators, connecting them with a powerful marketing force who understands and appreciates the time-honored skills they practice.
   This is a two sided equation of empowerment. In addition to empowering artists by connecting them with passionate consumers who value their work, Umba empowers a new class of entrepreneurs who recognize that they want more out of life than a 9-to-5 job. They are seeking to find purpose and change lives while doing something they’re passionate about. 
   I'm especially excited for this because I love supporting fair trade and empowering people. I also just have a ridiculous love for pretty things. If I even had a little side job, it would definitely be as an Umbassador (or Noonday Ambassador...). Believe me, I've thought about it! 
  Either way, I'm hoping someone I know hops on the Umbassador bandwagon so I can host a trunk show soon!  Just look at all this goodness...

...I want to go to there. 

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